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The Residences of Puntaldia

The Residences of Puntaldia

Puntaldia - Sardinia (Italy)

General Info

The name Puntaldìa refers to a granite rock promontory covered by green vegetation and golf meadows, the beach (or rather, the beaches) that can be found along the coast of the promontory and a tourist center with a small port among the most important in north-eastern Sardinia.

The top attraction is of course the Puntaldìa beach, which includes three main coves about 30 meters long and other smaller ones that can only be reached via paths in the rock or by boat. It is also known as the surfers’ and golfers’ beach of San Teodoro.

The southern side of Puntaldìa represents the northern limit of La Cinta, a beach of which it is the natural continuation; only the mouth of the San Teodoro lagoon (called La Foca) divides them.

To the north, however, it is bordered by the famous Lu Impostu beach: in this area there are small bays and piles of rocks that are more difficult to reach, recommended for snorkelling lovers and those who want a little corner under the sun all to themselves.

The element in common with the other famous beaches in the area is the enchanting blue color of the sea, very clean and transparent, which near the shore resembles a swimming pool but then a few meters further on it is tinged with turquoise and dark blue. An irresistible call for a regenerating dip that will sweep away all the memories of the stress and fatigue of a year of work.



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