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Baia Azzurra

Baia Azzurra

Capitana - Sardinia (Italy)


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Despite the name that evokes distant ominous events, it shows a postcard setting and is a relaxing ’refuge’ along the coast of Quartu Sant’Elena, a few minutes from the cities and the capital of Cagliari. The cove of is Mortorius extends for about 300 meters in an inlet with white granite cliffs, the sand is golden and mixed with pebbles and the seabed is shallow, also pebbly, with some rocks emerging in the water, which takes on green reflections near the shore. It is easy to spot octopus, molluscs and crustaceans: the coast is a frequent destination for diving and underwater fishing enthusiasts, and is also sheltered from the east wind. Beyond the promontory you will find two other coves, which make up the beach of Baia Azzurra: here the erosion caused by the sea has removed a good part of the sandy sections, creating a suggestive and wild landscape of pebbles and rocks that plunge into the sea. Even in these coves the seabed is shallow and you can relax comfortably in the sun on a wooden platform.

In addition to relaxing and swimming, at is Mortorius you can explore the historical and archaeological traces scattered around. The promontory preserves the remains of the Cala Regina tuna fishery, dating back to the mid-18th century, where the catch was processed and preserved and the fishermen stayed. The wall structures were made of ladiri, mud and straw bricks, with a wooden and tile roof. In 1936 the Carlo Baldi military battery was installed near the ancient Spanish tower of Mortorio. Ditches, shelters and lay-bys are added to the fortification works, the telemetry station and the guard sentry box. After the Second World War, the accommodations were reused as a marine colony and some ’casotti’ also appeared on the beach, as on the Poetto beach in Cagliari. The military battery was part of a defense system coordinated with another structure not far away and which in reality had stood for millennia: it is the Nuraghe Diana, with a main tower covered in a Tholos shape and two other lateral ones connected to each other, surrounded by a walls. History says that during the Second World War the central tower was reused as a fort on which a sentry box was installed, while legend, however, takes it back to a few centuries earlier, when it was a sentry to defend against Saracen incursions. For decades the nuraghe was the subject of clandestine excavations in search of the legendary treasure of the pirate Giacomo Mugahid, hidden awaiting a return that never occurred. The pirate also abandoned his bride, who waited for him in vain, scanning the sea every day and earning the nickname of Captain. Today it is the name of the seaside village with a tourist port and long, narrow beach, which extend west of is Mortorius, on the Quartu coast.


Beautiful apartment with air conditioning/heating with a double bedroom, a complete bathroom and kitchen equipped with all accessories and appliances.

Living room/kitchen with comfortable sofa bed. Garden with sea view, BBQ area with outdoor table and outdoor shower.


Free parking on the property

House on one floor

Long-term stays are permitted

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