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Boat excursions

Get on board alone, as a couple, with your family or with your friends, and experience the magic of sailing accompanied with passion by one of our skippers, you can spend a day in the crystal clear waters of Sardinia and fully enjoy unique sunsets.

Sailing through the marvelous coasts of Sardinia, we will go to the discovery of splendid bays and coves of inestimable beauty in a landscape with strong Mediterranean characteristics.

On our boats you always have the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif, a light lunch or a complete dinner, among the Terra, Mare or Veg proposals designed for you, not only small local productions of the highest quality, testimony of an ancient territory, but also large ones international grape varieties. In line with our philosophy we have decided to devote maximum attention to the production of natural and organic wines.

We have favored small artisan productions that still resist, those that, despite the world going in another direction, stubbornly continue to tell the story of the territory they come from and to preserve its nature and traditions.

The best way to get to know great local products!