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Geremeas and surroundings

Sardinia is the island where every Italian has wanted to spend their holidays at least once.
A place with a thousand resources and incredible possibilities for spending memorable moments in the company of your family, friends or partner.
In the southern part of the island, between Cagliari and Villasimius, there is in particular a truly unrivaled sea area.
We are talking about the beaches of Geremeas.

This small place that has fascinated the majority of tourists in Sardinia for years is a place full of opportunities, villages, beaches, turtles, sun, sea and wind.
There really is something for all tastes. For all lovers of sea life there is nothing you can’t find.
We will tell you about all the villages of Geremeas that you can discover, we will tell you about the main beaches of this eastern part of the Gulf of Angels and how to get there.
In addition to all this, we will take a few moments to describe the two most famous and beautiful phenomena of Geremeas: the wind for surfing and the hatching of turtles.


Geremeas is a very pretty small seaside town, where you can “refuel” before starting your day of holiday and after finishing it.
The main attraction of this small town are its beaches. There are almost four: the Kala e Moru beach, the Mari Pintau beach, the Marongiu beach and the Baccu Mandara beach.
The typically Sardinian names would already provide a great guarantee, but let’s now look at them in detail.

Kala e Moru beach (Kal’e Moru)
The kala e Moru beach has exactly everything we need to place it among the top places in this portion of Sardinia and is located in the western part of the bay.
Between comfort, equipment, nature and crystal clear water, you really don’t miss anything. The sand is fine, but not so much that it gets dirty or blows away in the wind.
Despite being relatively small, it is never too crowded and even for lovers of snorkeling, there is a small rock on the left looking at the sea that delimits it and which allows you to dive to discover the seabed and what it contains.
Furthermore, a typical beach bar guarantees us to fully enjoy the sunset, sipping a drink while the sun disappears behind the promontory. What else to say? It’s really just worth visiting.

Mari Pintau beach
The Mari Pintau beach is even smaller than Kala and Moru, but with other advantages that can be exploited.
The sand is thicker and sometimes pebbly than the previous one, but this gives the water an even clearer and bluer colour.
The bottom drops really slowly, which means it could easily become your children’s favorite. Surely the wind is one of the predominant factors, but the surrounding bars make it anything but wild.
The beach of Mari Pintau, among the beaches of Geremeas, is certainly the one with the most colorful sea.

Marongiu beach
Defined as the central part of the bay, the Marongiu beach is perhaps the best equipped, with bathrooms and umbrellas that can be rented.
Excellent for families for the small attractions present for your children. Here too the sea is truly crystalline, taking on contrasting shades of the most intense blue and deep blue.
It is useful to remember that Marongiu beach is also the one with the greatest parking facilities.

Baccu Mandara beach
Located in the easternmost part of the bay, the Baccu Mandara beach is certainly the one with the most spectacular blue water you can see in this area.
This pigmentation is given by a characteristic of the seabed which quickly becomes deep. Compared to the other beaches of Geremeas it is wilder and allows fewer people to be present.
The sand, which is coarser, has no pebbles or stones.

Turtles hatching at Geremeas beaches
A truly characteristic phenomenon of this area is represented by the turtles hatching. What does it mean?
It means that every year in this part of Sardinia, the characteristic Caretta Caretta turtles, protected throughout the Mediterranean Sea, lay their eggs in the sand in the period between June and July.
It is nothing short of a sensational event to witness. The turtles, digging in the sand, create their nest, in which they will deposit dozens of eggs which will remain closed until the month of September.
Witnessing the tiny newborn turtles racing along the beach during this period is something wonderful.
Although it is not guaranteed every year, as it depends on the choice and instinct of the animal, over the years it has happened to find nesting sites also in Geremeas on its beaches.
An unprecedented scenario that the gulf offers and that you really cannot miss.

Where the beaches are located and how to get there
All the beaches of Geremeas are located exactly on the coast that goes from Cagliari to Villasimius, near the town of Geremeas.
We could divide them in two. The Mari Pintau beach is the smallest and the first we encounter when coming from Cagliari. The Marongiu or Kal e Moru beach is larger and named both ways.
Reaching your destination for both locations is not at all difficult, you just need a motor vehicle with which to reach them.
The provincial road that connects the two main cities, Cagliari and Villasimius, is the SP 17.
Even if you don’t have your own transport for various reasons, there is the possibility of using the bus, which, thanks to the 101 line, passes on the provincial road several times a day to reach the Geremeas beach of your choice.

The wind and surf on the beaches of Geremeas
The wind and the surf are constants that cannot be missed in Sardinia, much less on the beaches of Geremeas.
All four are suitable for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, but with some differences between them. Certainly the small presence of people and the wild climate it offers make Baccu Mandara one of the most suitable.
The wind is always the mistral, which may or may not blow with different intensities depending on the period in which you are on the island. The only flaw is the seabed which drops rapidly, making it unsuitable for beginners.
For those who are looking for adrenaline and the strong wind at certain times of the day, the beach of Mari Pintau is exactly the most suitable spot for you.
You might find it difficult to find parking and it might be a little busier on weekends, but it will give you truly unique emotions and gliding on the water.

Without a doubt, Sardinia is one of the most fascinating and touristic places in all of Italy, but the beaches of Geremeas leave you speechless.
The color of the sea, the freshness of the wind and the enveloping sandy lagoons will make your stay full of pleasant sensations and priceless holiday moments. Let yourself be lulled by the homely atmosphere of the Geremeas villages. A unique trip that you won’t really regret.