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Who is the property manager

There is a segment of real estate, driven in particular by the demand for short-term rentals, which gives rise to new services and represents a possible growth path for professionals in the sector or for those who would like to be part of it: property management.

In essence, it involves managing all aspects of the rental on behalf of the owners (in return for a commission): publication of adverts, definition of the price, collection of fees and payment of tax withholdings, but also optimization of the spaces (small maintenance and home-staging), organization of cleaning, welcoming and checking out of guests. According to an estimate by Halldis, in Italy 500 thousand homes are made available for income through short rent, but another half million would potentially be available, including second homes for families and at least 50-60 thousand assets coming from NPLs. «In fact, many people need a property manager. Asset management companies, funds and companies that have absorbed the banks’ NPLs ask for these services to enhance their real estate stocks as much as possible. But even small owners, who have invested in some apartments to make an income, have understood that it is a complex and continuous activity, difficult to carry out independently in spare time and which must therefore be entrusted to third parties", reasons Vincenzo Cella, secretary of the Property managers Italia trade association (150 members representing approximately 22 thousand managed apartments). The protagonists of the "property" are many and different from each other, because they range from real companies that now invoice millions of euros, to individual managers, who in most cases also carry out other activities. «In the major markets, such as Milan, Rome or Florence, the market is starting to be saturated and is dominated by medium-large operators», says Cella.

7 Aprile 2019

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