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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is synonymous with a lively coast but also with ancient traditions and strong contrasts.

There is no better place to spend your holidays relaxing, enjoying the sea and delighting fabulous recipes.

From north to south both for those who love the jet-set and wild bays. Sardinia is suitable for families, it is romantic, glamorous and fun.

From the 1,850 kilometers of coastline you can easily reach small enchanting villages, experience popular festivals and discover the secrets of the hinterland.

The mild climate makes Sardinia an attractive travel destination all year round.

Stintino and the Asinara Island: a corner of north-western Sardinia of inestimable naturalistic value and unique in the world

Located in the extreme tip of north-western Sardinia, Stintino enjoys one of the most fascinating coasts of the region, with white sandy beaches, such as La Pelosa, located to the north-east of the Capo Falcone promontory, characterized by a very shallow seabed and its clear sea, turquoise-blue color, which makes it look like an open-air swimming pool.

The "Portobello di Gallura" Residential Park extends over an area of ​​100 hectares, a few kilometers from Santa Teresa di Gallura.
Born as a high-level alternative to the Costa Smeralda, the Residential Park is entirely private and guarded with controlled access and 24-hour security. It boasts unique features and the focus is on the landscape, nature, the pristine habitat, and the original and wild aspect of the place. The Mediterranean scrub vegetation with junipers and maritime pines is the backdrop to the enchanting beaches of fine white sand and coves formed by polished granite rocks.

The Costa Smeralda famous all over the world for being the holiday destination par excellence.
An area that offers high quality naturalistic beauties. Its villages created and developed as early as the 1960s have made it the destination of social holidays for the most influential people in the world. Famous are the shopping streets in Porto Cervo and its emerald seas that bathe the coasts around the Gulf of Cala di Volpe such as the Grande pevero and Capriccioli, the boat trips between the paradisiacal islands of Molara and Tavolara. In Arzachena you will also find interesting archaeological areas to take a dip in the past among the nuragics in Sardinia. To the south is the coast of San Teodoro, a mainly flat stretch of coast, with the formation of large lagoon beaches that characterize the place. Among other things, La Cinta beach and Cala Brandichi are very famous.

Torre delle Stelle is an enchanting place, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation and characterized by secluded villas
It is a small seaside village on the south eastern coast of Sardinia, between Villasimius and Cagliari. Here you can enjoy a peaceful environment and breathtaking landscapes.
There are two large beaches with a clear crystal color and white sand. Going to the nearby beaches of Villasimius is a must, as is an evening visit to the lively capital.

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