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A stupendous three kilometer long bay in the eastern part of the Golfo degli Angeli, characterized by three white sand beaches, surrounded by promontories covered with Mediterranean scrub, and by a sea of infinite shades of blue. Geremeas is a tourist resort in southern Sardinia, belonging to the municipalities of Quartu Sant’Elena and Maracalagonis, centers from which it is just over twenty kilometers away. The limit between the two territories is the river of the same name, riu Geremeas, which during the winter significantly increases its flow flowing into the sea, in summer it decreases, creating a small pond close to the coast.

Here you will come across the other two beaches of Geremeas, divided by the river: Marongiu with light, fine sand and Baccu Mandara, in the Maracalagonis area, with soft, slightly coarser-grained gold sand, steep on the shore. It immerses itself in a crystalline sea between green and turquoise, whose seabed is immediately deep. Behind stand out dunes surrounded by greenery. Continuing along the coastal road, you will come across another famous location in Maracalagonis, Torre delle Stelle.

The beaches of Geremeas are accessible to the disabled, equipped with ample parking and services: rental of bathing equipment and boats, refreshment points and accommodation facilities. When the mistral blows, the bay becomes a destination for kite and wind surfers. In the evening, you can comfortably enjoy splendid sunsets with the sun slowly ’hiding’ behind Cagliari in the distance. In the nearby hinterland, you will combine the sea with nature and archeology: you will find interesting archaeological sites and the Sette Fratelli park.


Garden Beach Villa is a villa 20 meters from the beach with 2 accesses to the sea, for those who love the sea and tranquility.
Villa immersed in a large garden, there is also a terrace, where you can sunbathe or admire the beautiful sunsets that stand out over the sea.
A veranda where there are sunbeds and umbrellas and a swimming pool, an oasis by the sea where you can enjoy privacy and dive into the beautiful turquoise sea.


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